To truly fall in love with life is to fall away from the craziness we hold onto. All the doing, all the thinking, the very story that is you. We’re always trying to get ‘somewhere’, always trying to be ‘someone’.  It’s so exhausting. There comes a point in the evolution of consciousness where we’re missing the point. It is a race without an end. It is only when we let go, connect to the flow where we will have time to grow. We steadily push to fill a void that can only be filled by turning inward. There is no worldly accomplishment, no matter it’s worth that will truly fill you. The pure experience of time & space is where we connect to our heart; where we heal our bodies and souls. It is the breaking apart of our illusions & our suppressed emotions where we discover the most powerful healing force. It is a force hidden in all of us. We have never been taught the deep emotional intelligence of ‘letting go’. When we let go, we heal.