Brian Nori is a self-taught Canadian artist who started exploring visual & performing arts at a very early age. He was introduced to computers & programming by his mother as a young child. At the age of 16 Brian started to freelance his services. As technology evolved with an ever growing demand Brian developed his skills to encompass video production, motion graphics, 3D development & graphic design.

His passion for Photoshop & editing inspired his leap to work at Candid Studios where he fine-tuned his skills in professional photography & videography. This experience gave Brian the foundations he needed to take on a managerial position at Long Valley Productions, Toronto.

Brian was diagnosed with MS  in 2012. His hope to find a cure was short lived in the face of modern medicine. This led him to unconventional healing modalities which included seeking out the healing medicine of the Shipibo tribe in the Peruvian Amazon. His experience in the jungle completely transformed the way he perceived life. After spending time at a healing center Brian decided to move to the jungle to work closely with the Shipibo. There he took the role of communications manager in a conglomerate aimed at saving the rainforest.

Returning from the jungle Brian made his defining decision to honor his creative passion & dedicated his life to the arts. In 2010 Brian taught himself how to paint. His practice & love for the medium led him to found Paint Social in 2017. He has since taught & inspired love for the arts to thousands of people within his community.

Brian’s connection to computers has led to the study of many innovative technologies such as music production, robotics, projection mapping, virtual & augmented reality. His renaissance spirit is eager to combine the old with the new.

His work connects to the emotional body through an exploration of the conscious & subconscious mind. The intention of his work is to inspire new perspectives of self-discovery to forge a path to heal the mind, body & spirit.

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2016: Sudbury Star (January) – Link
2016: (January) – Link
2019: CTV – Link

2018 : ArtFest, Sudbury ON- Link
2018 : Live Painting / Sudbury Burlesque Show / Oct – Link
2019 : Projection Mapping Team / Electric Forest Festival / New Era, MI – Link

2000: CEO of Web Design 1, Saginaw MI
2008: Professional Photographer / Candid Studios, Sudbury ON
2013: Manager / Long Valley Productions, Toronto ON
2015: Communications Manager / Chaikuni Institute, Temple of the Way of Light,  Peru
2016: CEO / Paint Social, Sudbury ON